You’re Hammered, What Now?

Its last call at the bar, you've got a babe that you've been eyeing up all night and its time for you to start reeling in the bait, but you've had one too many drinks and your game may not be as good as it usually is. So how are you going to get her to go home with you? Follow these tips, and you'll be sure to get her back with you. What happens after that is up to you.

The first and most important rule to get a girl to go home with you when you are extremely drunk after a night of partying is to go along with anything. Whether she wants to walk three miles to your house instead of taking a taxi or even if she "needs" all of her friends to come back to your place with her, whatever it is - go along with it. Give her whatever she wants before getting her back to your house, and then hope that she'll return the favour.

Always remember to offer to pay her way home afterwards. This will give her confidence that she not only has a way home whenever she wants to leave, but also make her believe that you're a gentleman, even if it's not true. She may be looking for a good time, just like you, but she wants to convince herself that she's not as easy as she really is, and if you're a nice guy, then this will help the situation. If you're not a nice guy - pretend that you are!

Try to round up your male friends to accompany her friends because chances are that she will probably not separate from her friends. A girl's girlfriends are the worst cock-blocks so be prepared and have some of the guys lined up to help entertain her friends. Hey! It could be fun, right?

If all else fails, just look for the drunkest, easiest girl in the bar. As long as she is looking good, or even half decent, and if you're eager, then go for it! At the end of the night at the club, you're not looking for your future wife, right? So get what you can! After all, your beer goggles will be on so you will truly believe that there are a lot more sexy babes eager to go home with you than there really are.

It's all good news until you sober up, so just worry about it then!

Good luck!