You’ve Approached her at the Bar, Now What?

You've read the body language of the babe across the room and have worked up the courage to approach her. Wait! What do you say once you finally get to her, you ask? Well that's definitely a situation you will want to plan for because you definitely won't be impressing anyone with anything along the lines of, "ummm or errrr! Avoid any situation that could potentially be similar to this, by reading this article.

Once you have finally reached her, whatever you do, don't stand there like a deer caught in the headlights. Start by introducing yourself. Don't brag, boast or even worse, stutter! Simply say "Hi! My name is...". A woman will know if she likes you there and then. Remember, a little confidence goes a long way. Be polite and funny and remember, relax.

If the conversation continues, she's interested. Maybe not interested in going home with you, but interested enough to keep the conversation flowing. The next thing to do is to ask her to dance.

Can't dance? Everyone can dance. Have fun and even if you've got two left feet, then make a joke out of it. This will at least show her that you aren't overly serious. This is also a great opportunity for you to make that physical connection. Women like a man who can take control of the situation, so let her know that you're interested! At the same time, let her lead. Take control and initiate, but let her signals tell you whether you are being too forward or upfront, or even too shy or subtle.

Offer to buy her some drinks, and no, not too many that she gets sick or you' have to carry her out of the bar. Order shots and drinks and have fun together. This also gives you the perfect opportunity to flirt more deeply.

Stay positive and keep the conversation light, as any negativity may put her off, so just keep things casual, fun and flirty.

Remember to let her know that you're interested and not a timid little boy and be confident and natural. Don't worry about whether the connection between the two of you is mutual, as after all, if she wasn't interested then she would have left by now! Ask for her number, or to walk her home. Let her know that you would like to see her again.