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17 May 2023 - Dom
Nothing prepared me for meeting Ariana. I was blown away. Can’t describe how great she is. Every minute was a joy. Totally attentive. Ideal companion. Took her time. Soothed my soul.
21 September 2016 - Nigel
I have booked over 60 escort and she is my number and she so so beautiful inside and her face so unique,Her smile contagious and she Fab,I am so happy with Diamonds recomendation and pls remind her that i will book her again end of sept,I want her for many many hours,Shes a True Diamond Girl,Pls keep her for me.Ariana I have fallen for you,Couple of weeks ago when I saw you,,you give me a tihjt hug and smile you touched my heart and soul,She understand me and i dont believe her age is 38....surely 30 hugs xxxxxxxxxx
30 August 2016 - Micheal
She is special and Beautiful in many ways,Love her smile and her eyes,She conviced me from one hour to three hours,She funny polite and humnle,I will see def booked her again before her coming Birthday,I want to surprise her in my special ways.Ariana you are in for a big Surprise,I am infatuated with you xoxo
26 August 2016 - jack
like this lady very nice and beautiful
25 August 2016 - Alan
Ariana can talk and talk with her wicked sense of humor,she made me feel special and entertain me with her comical hour to 2hours.I have never met such an asian Malaysian funny girl.I cant stop laughing with her dirty notty jokes.I will def booked her,she is world class entertainer,massive hugs babe,
18 August 2016 - clark
Shes a chatterbox full of life and better than the girl we booked earlier,Shes funny and she make me and my partner laugh so much,Ariana looking to see you end of the month,Cant wait to hear your funny stories,Keep smilingxx
6 August 2016 - Boat yard man
Looked better than her profile pics. Lovely woman and friendly.
28 July 2016 - Razvan
I met her first time i like and admire her story telling her,,then i booked her again for an hr then i booked again after she left...i just cant get enough of this small girl.I missed her.she so different from other asian girls i booked from others,Diamond keep her as she is a super sweet and comical girl,she should do stand up comedian.I love you Ariana
17 May 2016 - Paul
Booked via chat what a great idea, Friendly staff, Ariana is a great, stunning, amazing, supreme! The best of the best! Highly recommended! Sexy and beautiful, nice and friendly. Since now I would book only her! No other girl can do such a superb service
1 January 2016 - Craig
Omg what a woman!! I treated myself to Ariana as a new year present and boy was she worth it! I cant wait to see you again soon Ariana!!
11 September 2015 - Al
She is the one. I like her so much that I extend my time and she worth everything. She make me so ease and so full of personality. When she smile. I just melt She is full of energy and she is very clever girl Ariana you rock it baby,
11 September 2015 - Gerry
Ariana was fantastic and she did everything I requested with great enjoyment. Just perfect. I will book her again soon
8 September 2015 - James
Two amazing ladies who fulfilled a fantasy all night ... Clare & Arianne made an amazing night Spent an hours with both girl recently and had a really good time. Both were friendly, open minded & made me one very happy chap., will try again soon
10 June 2015 - warren
Ariana full of life and she is fantastic and so bubbly and she is one hell of a story teller. Stay cool my petite Malaysia pet xx
4 March 2015 - Tobby
I found my favourite Girl..I met her at V London 2 years ago..Very unique and beautiful girl. Heart of Gold. Have follow her to Diamonds and glad I did. Dont go changing my beautiful Nutter xxxxx
3 March 2015 - frankie
You have contagious laugh and great personality. I will see you soon.
28 February 2015 - Max
Ariana you make me feel like Big notty boy.. You Def have all the Cs Thank you so much xxxxxxxx
17 February 2015 - shady
Ariana gor wicked sense of humour. She got infectious laugh. Babe be mine forever lol
12 February 2015 - bobby
first Asian girl I had in many many months..I was speechless missed you xx
22 December 2014 - Tommy
Interesting lady and she got great smile xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
17 December 2014 - will
What an amazing girl. I booked her for an hour but ended up 2hrs and she blow my mind away. Interesting Malaysia girl Your smile and your languages. Domo aligatok. Mata kuru nie xx
12 December 2014 - Si
Ariana is simply the best GFE and just wants to please. Her dress sense and body ouse with sexiness. Ariana is a Diamond!
5 December 2014 - Haja
I found her after so long. I am so happy when she recognise me after this long. I have been yearning for her for so long. Girl you are my Number One girl. I will booked you again. Stay cheerful.Luv you xxxxxxxxxx
22 November 2014 - sam
Ariana is simply the best Asian girl I met She just full of life and she can talk and so funny She should be impersonator.I love her sense of humour and I will def see her again Keep up the smile babe Hugs xxxx
15 November 2014 - Lawrence
This lady is perfect...this l know! :)
15 November 2014 - simon
she is very kind faithful honest since I met her 2 years ago. She always full of laughter and very attentive and her wicked joke She is one of the best girl I know since she started in diamond.
1 November 2014 - james
So friendly and love her smile she is very clever and very bubbly girl Thanks hunny bunny. p.s keep up your great smile and your machine gun!
1 November 2014 - Paul
She is the one.I like her so much that I extend my time and she worth everything.She make me so ease and so full of personality. When she smile. I just melt She is full of energy and she is very clever girl Ariana you rock it baby,
1 November 2014 - paul
love her smile and her personality. she is full of character And I will book her again stay the way you are
17 October 2014 - Steve
Ariana is one of the most beautiful, attractive, passionate, fun women you could ever met. Ariana completely blow me away.I hope to see you again and I really hope I will.
16 October 2014 - Kiran
Ariana outshined my expectations, especially when she brought Adonia with her, a night I will not forget for a long time was 10/10
14 August 2014 - Paul
Treated myself to this girl as a birthday present and enjoyed my time with her, worth every penny, lovely girl, very bubbly, super service :)

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