Submissive Escorts


I'm sure every man dreams of having a beautiful woman who will obey his every command and cater to his every desire. Well this no longer has to be a fantasy as there are lots of stunning submissive escorts all waiting to come and answer to their master. By becoming the male dominant you have complete control over the situation and instruct the lady to do everything that he wishes.

There are different levels of submission. Some dominants may just want to tie their Islington escort up while having sex or give her a few slaps on the bottom. Others may want to take it up a gear and introduce mild bondage and role play, where as those real masters among us may be looking for a real slave to totally submit and be humiliated.

Things you might like to try are, tying your Islington escort up, spanking, orgasm denial, gagging, and playing with vibrators. Introduce her to it slowly, you can always book her for longer or another day, when you can introduce her to more.

This can be great fun and a great way to release stress as long as both you and the Islington escort are aware of your boundaries and limits. You don't want to frighten her at all so be totally up front about what you will want to do to her. Book a lady that enjoys role play and will remain in character. It's essential that you ask to speak to the Islington escort prior to making the booking. You need to be sure that she is fully aware of what you are looking for. Agree on a safe word that she can use if she starts to feel uncomfortable or if she is not enjoying it.

It is important for men to satisfy these domineering urges when they have them. They could end up in some very awkward or distressing situations if they decide to execute this urge on the wrong person. By meeting a girl in a club, having too much to drink and then trying to act out their fantasies could land them in a whole lot of trouble the next day. So if you are looking to experiment make sure it's with a willing Islington escort who has experience and confidence.

A lot of dominant men enjoy this role because they feel like they are not playing a macho role in real life. It could be that they are a house husband, unemployed, or lacking in confidence. This is a great way for them to express themselves and feel like a real man again.

Always respect the boundaries of your Islington escort. If she says that she is not prepared to do something, don't book her in the hope that you can change her mind. Everyone has their limits and she will have made hers quite clear. So explore your naughty side with the kinky submissive escorts, who are ready and willing to do whatever you please sir!