The Bachelor Party28 Mar 2016

The big day is two days away and your friends have led you to a room with a blindfold on.

Whipped Cream Fun29 Jan 2013

You've seen it in the movies so many times before, where the guy licks the whipped cream off of a girl's breasts, but did you know that there are so many other ways whipped cream can be used in a fun and sexy way? Read on for some sexy and scandalous ways to taste your partner! Sounds appetising!

Simple Must - Try Kinky Moves22 Jan 2013

Are you trying to add some spice to your sex sessions but unsure how to? Maybe you just want some ideas of little extra things you can do to add a little kinkiness to your sex life, or perhaps you and your partner are shy and want to subtly incorporate more experimental things into the bedroom? Whatever your reason may be, these little simple things will definitely get you on your way to having the sex life you deserve.

Beginner Bondage How To's19 Dec 2011

You and your partner have finally agreed to get down and dirty and indulge in some bondage fun, but you're unsure how to do so successfully. No need to worry! This is actually quite common because the word bondage has a variety of options associated with it, some being extremely intense. Follow these tips and you, and your partner won't get too freaked out and you'll be busy getting kinky instead!

Bondage for All21 Oct 2011

Are you into bondage and love getting ravished, tied up and tortured? Or hey - maybe you like to be the torturer and tie your sexy victim up and have your naughty way with them. Whatever position you like to be in when having a bondage-session, this is the perfect kit to get. Trust a horny girl who loves to get ravished!