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The Watford Gap29 Aug 2014

I've been doing the rounds in Watford for some time now and I know many girls from various agencies. There was rivalries and contention from time to time but on the whole we look out for each and keep our backs covered.

The Oldest Swinger27 Aug 2014

All day the tension had been rising, the excitement, the thrill and the apprehension of the private masked ball we had been invited to this evening. All day I had been preparing myself, visiting the hairdresser, the beauty salon and double checking my outfit was suitable attire.

The Massage25 Aug 2014

Diane had been visiting me for quite a few weeks and what started off as professional sports therapy massage for a torn cruciate ligament turned into quite a sordid little affair.

The Self Help Group22 Aug 2014

I was a sucker for new age groups, healing and well-being etc. So when I heard about a new self-help to seek inner fulfilment and pleasure I had to attend.

The Music Teacher – Lesson Two20 Aug 2014

I had wondered if Brett would show up this week after his 'Mrs Robinson' moment in his last lesson, but true to form he swaggered up the path at 4pm on Thursday afternoon.

The Maidenhead18 Aug 2014

My Daughter decided she'd like to bring a girlfriend home from Uni to spend the summer with us, we are lucky enough to live in a decent sized property with pool and tennis court. This friend a Thai girl called Pim was going to be holed up all summer in a shared flat in Cricklewood.

The Audition in Hatton Cross15 Aug 2014

Sue had answered a small ad in the Evening Standard and begged me to go with her; hence this is why on a warm July evening we made our way across town on the Piccadilly Line to Hatton Cross. Sue was very sketchy about what it entailed she just said it was for extra's in small private films.