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Life begins at Diamond Escorts01 Oct 2014

One thing that I have learnt in life is that life is not always fair. I also learnt that if you want things to change then you should get up and do something about it. There are many men out there who are complaining about the crappy sex life that they have.

How to start your day with your Busty Escort29 Sep 2014

Some people believe that the way in which you start your day, will determine how the rest of your day turns out. While this may be true, you don't want to start your day off on the wrong foot with your busty escort.

For all your escorting needs choose Diamond Escorts26 Sep 2014

Everyone keeps saying that booking escorts is easy and they are so much fun to be with. They are known to be great companions on your loneliest of days and also the feistiest of ladies in the bedroom!

Get what you are looking for at Diamond Escorts24 Sep 2014

When visitors come to London and they are looking to have some discreet fun, the first place that they call is Diamond Escorts.

Lady Grey22 Sep 2014

The Rolls-Royce was parked outside the Watford train station and standing next to the it was a tall women dress from head to toes in Chanel got off the train and walk up to the Rolls,

Watford Baby Making Facility19 Sep 2014

His mistress pulled his leash until he stood. She was taller than him in her 9 inch stiletto heels and he looked up at this tall blonde woman. "This will be a new experience for you," she said, "and I don't care what you think.

Five tricks that all men should know 17 Sep 2014

When it comes to having fun in the bedroom, there are a few things that the escorts in London would love all their clients to know about. Now this of course does not mean that you can't try them on women who aren't escorts in London, but at least try to perfect them first before going outside to different territory.