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She Pissed his Pain Away23 Apr 2014

As Jenna's client entered to the room, he was met by her sexy body, completely naked below the waist wearing nothing but thigh-high FM boots. The smell of the leather was enticing. It pulled him in like a fish on a line. The sounds of the creaking leather made his cock bulge every time she made a move.

Just a Sad Slag21 Apr 2014

Mark was a young teenager who always had the girls flocking to him. He was over 6 feet tall, built and definitely had a large cock to back up his confidence. It was in the summer time when Mark experienced a little slag like he has never had before. He spent the afternoon in his apartment's Laundromat, and just as he was leaving, he spotted the sexiest Spanish girl who had her breasts popping out of her little top.

Warning - Multi-website Ownership Same Girls18 Apr 2014

This seems to be the new fad on the Internet, a so called premier number one London escorts agency that uses multiple sites to advertise its business. What is wrong with that I hear you say, surely that is entrepreneurial? Well yes of course it is if all you read was believable, but this, in most cases is not factual, a myth that adds even more distrust to our illustrious industry.

The Lawyer16 Apr 2014

Mary sat at work, bored out of her mind as she clicked away at her keyboard typing up a contract that her boss demanded to be completed by the end of the day. The contract was for one of the most prestigious lawyers in the city, and he also happened to be one of the sexiest as well.

The Mysterious Caller14 Apr 2014

Melanie was one of UK's most sought after phone sex girls. She loved getting the calls just as much as her men loved calling her. Melanie was always eager for a good time, and whenever she had a couple free minutes, she was excited to pick up the phone and get horny with a man on the other line.

Two Men one Girl11 Apr 2014

A three some was a new indulgence for Sophie and her boyfriend. They went online and found an experienced man named Ted who was sexy and ready to fulfill their desires for their sexy fantasy. Ted enjoyed both sexes and shared pictures of his thick cock with Sophie and her boyfriend.

London’s Number One Trusted Escorts in London Agency09 Apr 2014

Are you, as an important client, looking to establish a working relationship based on Trust, Value and most importantly, delivery of that just exacting London escorts service? In today's undulating financial climate, everyone is looking for that extra special bargain, and at the same time, a consistently high standard of service for that very special price.