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Foreplay in public20 Oct 2014

Men sometimes don't like to give foreplay which takes away from the essence of having sex with any woman even the London escorts.

Foreplay and the Escorts 17 Oct 2014

Men don't usually think of foreplay when they think about sex. Their goal is to get in, reach climax, and get out satisfied. For women it's different. They want foreplay, they crave it, especially the escorts in London.

For the love of the game15 Oct 2014

If you did not know that sex was part of a game then oh my, how much in the dark you have been over the years? Think about when you go out on the pull whether by yourself or with friends.

Discovering the world of the Escorts13 Oct 2014

Discovering something new always gives us that aha moment. We feel as though our eyes have been opened and that we should have discovered this before.

Five simple ways to enjoy the London Escorts10 Oct 2014

There comes a time when you need a little de-stressing from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Some people prefer clubbing whilst others prefer to go on holiday.

Escorts are people too08 Oct 2014

When planning a date with the escorts, men need to remember that they are planning a date with a human not a robot. You need to be realistic with the goals that you set for your date, because you don't want a situation where the escorts in London feel misused.

Equality in your relationship06 Oct 2014

Up to this day, I ask myself if any relationship is ever really balanced, especially those that involve London escorts? It seems as though at any one time, one person is pulling their weight in one area more than the other.