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How to get over your ex- quick!!31 Oct 2014

You now belong to the group of men that no longer have a lady to call your own and you sit at home all over the weekend waiting for Monday to come around so you have something to take your mind off her.

How to get her wild in bed29 Oct 2014

So you finally decided to call all services escorts to get a companion to spend the night with you. It has been so long since you have spent time alone with any woman, other than your mother and sisters of course, that you are wondering if you still got The Moves!

How to choose the right Escorts27 Oct 2014

You have friends that are always talking about all the fun that they have had over the weekend while you just sat in front of the TV watching porn movies.

How to buy her Jewellery24 Oct 2014

Do men really find jewellery shopping for a woman discouraging and intimidating? Do you feel the same way when it comes to choosing an escort? I think that the better word to use is challenging.

How to Choose Escorts in London22 Oct 2014

When it comes to choosing escorts in London, as the client you should have an idea as to what you are looking for. When you call the agency you will need to give them an idea as to the type of escort you are looking to see.

Foreplay in public20 Oct 2014

Men sometimes don't like to give foreplay which takes away from the essence of having sex with any woman even the London escorts.

Foreplay and the Escorts 17 Oct 2014

Men don't usually think of foreplay when they think about sex. Their goal is to get in, reach climax, and get out satisfied. For women it's different. They want foreplay, they crave it, especially the escorts in London.