Are Men, the new Women25 Apr 2016

Men are to sex as women are to cuddling, at least that’s how basic sexual analogy would put it.

Tips for a One Night Stand01 Mar 2013

Sure, it's a one night stand but there are definitely some guidelines that you need to follow not to creep the girl out, actually get laid and get the best out of the experience. Aside from guidelines, you need tips to get the most out of your experience right? Well luckily for you, all the one night stand guidelines and tips are right here for you to read!

The Ultimate Girlfriend Experience.17 May 2012

Sometimes the single life can get you down. While it's great to be a free spirit and not have to answer to anyone, it can get lonely, especially on those cold winter nights. It can be depressing not having anyone to share those intimate moments with. After a hard day at the office you may want to just have a chat about your day with someone who will listen.

Best Methods Used to Cure a Hangover 27 Jul 2011

You were out partying the whole night and you had too many drinks. If you were with a London escort she may have been able to stop you. Of course this is not the first time you've done it nor is it the first time you've said you'll never reach this stage again, but here you are in the same predicament, with a hangover. Your head is pounding and you just want to hide under the covers for the rest of the day but you cant.