Dial an Escort06 Nov 2017

Dial an Escort

On call escorts are usually the best kind because there isn’t any long waiting involved and your escorts arrive within the hour.

Her Best Friend’s Brother and Nicole11 Oct 2012

It was a night filled with shots overflowing and dirty dancing on the dance floor. Nicole definitely had way too much to drink and just before it was last orders she decided that she had to call it a night before she got into too much trouble. She went to find her best friend and when she did, she was pleasantly surprised to see her best friend's big, buff bouncer brother waiting there with her.

Making Love in the Club13 Jul 2012

It was Renata's birthday and her and her friends had just arrived in the club. The drinks were flowing, the party was rocking and Renata was having the time of her life. She had her low-cut birthday dress on, and her glamorous sparkly stilettos on. Renata always made heads turn, but the attention she was receiving tonight was even more than usual.

Sacha and her Brandy 02 Jul 2012

Sacha never thought that she would come to love the job of being an escort. It was initially something to do for fun and to meet new people in the area. Little did she know that she had already started her career at the tender age of 19.