Those luxury beauties when is too much27 Mar 2017

Men like to think about themselves as big boys and they like to show that in everything that happens in their life.

Makeover Confessions - Why men need makeovers and why they hate it27 May 2016

They say having personal style is the key to having great things in life, But in the case of standard issue men, does style really have to become dated and old-fashioned? Take it from Steve Carrell’s character in the movie “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, his character goes from average suburban husband to a hotshot ladies’ man.

Beautiful Bromley Babes Party Hard08 Sep 2012

Bromley is a large town in Kent approximately eleven miles from the centre of London. It has excellent shopping facilities and places of interest. There are cinemas, leisure centres, and theatres, along with museums and public parks. Many famous people originate from this area, including David Bowie, Christopher Tennant and Charles Darwin to name just a few.

Jackets Made out of Blow up Dolls07 Jul 2012

Yep, believe it or not, you did just read this article's title correctly! A jacket that is made out of blow up dolls. Who knew that you could actually purchase such a thing! It's new and surprisingly quite fashionable with the students attending Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Would you wear a dirty little slag on your back? Regardless of if you would or not, this is definitely an article you won't want to skip over. This puts a whole new perspective on having your girl on top.

Do You Fall in Love Easily? 19 Jan 2012

The eternal question of who falls in love faster hasn't been resolved yet, but a lot of men are claiming that they do fall in love easily especially if a girl fits everything they have on the bill.However, this doesn't mean though that men are more susceptible to love at first sight.

Looking Your Best When Meeting a Young Escort14 Jul 2011

It is very difficult today to keep abreast of fashion, there is always something new out there in the market place, something that catches your eye and lures you into its spell. A chic little number which you know will make you feel like a million dollars. But where do you stop, or are you a fashion guru, with the attitude that it is more important to look and feel good than wear yesterdays fashions?

What Makes You Men Style Guru’s05 Jul 2011

OK, so what is that makes the male of the species stylish, an Icon a Guru? There are many theories and indeed answers to that particular question. There is the thought that having the ability to spend thousands of pounds on a three-piece suit, and matching accessories, goes a long way toward this enviable title. Another train of thought is the fact that most stylish males have a very finely honed eye for complementary accessorising, thus enabling them to portray the complete package.