Sustaining longer during sex14 Jul 2017

Sexual arousal in women is not something, which can happen instantly just by taking a glance at an attractive man or a photo or video.

Naughty Girl19 Jan 2015

You belong to me. I'm sure those men in there would have thoroughly enjoyed you. However, you are not theirs to enjoy without my expressed permission.

A Shoulder To Cry On19 Nov 2012

Sometimes it's not all about the sex. Quite often men simply want to book a London escort purely for social companionship. The feeling of loneliness can be cured with a good conversation and feeling that there is someone who will listen to you.

How to Not Be a Five Minute Man30 Oct 2012

No one wants to be a five minute man, or even worse, a two pump chump, but sometimes you just can't help it. Things are hot and steamy, and you can't help but explode. However, not only will you feel disappointed in yourself, but your girl will be even more disappointed when you have finished before you've even started. Follow these tips to help end the onslaught of jokes and self-consciousness of premature ejaculation.

Want to Last Longer?09 Jul 2012

Did you know that the average man could only last 5-10 minutes in bed before exploding into pure ecstasy? 5-10 minutes of pure pleasure doesn't sound so bad after all, but a large percentage of men (over 70%) wish that they could improve their sexual endurance and actually last longer than they do now. The longer the better, right?

Penis Facts 17 Aug 2011

You may have come across quite a lot of articles concerning your health as well as fitness, but how many articles have you come across concerning your penis? How much do you know about this precious jewel that is sacred to you? You are never too old to learn something new. Am I right, especially when it comes to your manhood?