Room 6618 Sep 2017

Lola and I arrived at the hotel and immediately went to Room 66.

You Love Her Not Her Style04 Aug 2017

How to Change your woman’s style without changing her

Three years down the road and you’re with an amazing woman, she loves you, and you love her, but there seems to be something wrong and you can’t quite put your finger on it.

The Bachelor Party28 Mar 2016

The big day is two days away and your friends have led you to a room with a blindfold on.

its all in the seasoning26 Feb 2016

For all you men out there who love to cook, this may very interesting for you to read.

How to Finger a Girl18 Oct 2012

Fingering can seem so "high school" but if done right, you can definitely send your girl into a toe curling frenzy. Using your fingers to stimulate your girl can reap amazing results as long as it's done correctly, but if done wrongly, which more times than not it is, you can do anything and everything but turn on your girl, including hurt her, so make sure to take care and read this article carefully to give her the pulsating orgasm that she deserves.

Promising Orgasms Part Two14 Oct 2012

Every man wants to be a master in the sack. Oh, you already are, you say? Well, why not master your skills with the following tips and tricks that will be sure to send your girl over the edge? As always, some of these tips will work wonders for your girl while others may still work wonders (of course) but not as much as some. Play around with all of the following and pick and choose which ones work best for giving your girl a toe curling experience.

Promising Orgasms13 Oct 2012

Promise to give your girl the world's most amazing orgasm, follow through with it and deliver that promise? Oh, you bet your ass you can do it! With these tips you will be sure to give your girl into a toe curling, mind blowing, screaming explosive orgasm or two. Okay, you get the point. Remember though, that you, of course, need to try each tip and stick with the ones that hit the right spot.

Scent-Sational! 09 Oct 2012

Women love a man that smells delicious. Ask any female, when a guy walks by with a nice aftershave on they can't get enough of it and crave more. So for those of you out there that are a little bit on the smelly side, this article is for you.

A Great Day Out in Cambridgeshire 24 Sep 2012

Cambridgeshire is a beautiful county where you can absorb a land of lazy waterways and rolling English countryside alongside majestic cathedrals and stately homes, bustling market towns and quaint little villages. Try punting along the river Cam where you can admire many of the historic sights with one of the escorts in Cambridgeshire.

High Class in Kensington 10 Sep 2012

Kensington in West London first originated from Saxon settlements and featured in the original Doomsday book. It became a royal area when William III moved into Kensington Palace. Queen Victoria was born there in 1819 where she stayed until her accession to the throne in 1837. It became part of the Royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea after her death in 1901. It's a very up market and wealthy location and home to many of London's rich and famous.

Give an Amazing Blow Job18 Aug 2012

No, you're not giving the amazing blow job! You're the one receiving the amazing blow job, so don't click out of this article just yet! Share these tips with your girl or ask her to do the following tricks with her mouth as she's sucking on your member. Remember, moan to let her know when she's doing something that you really like and she'll be encouraged to do it again.

Health Benefits of Swallowing Semen 05 Aug 2012

Now, you're more than likely not thinking about or even caring whether your semen is safe or not for your partner to swallow, but with the following facts, you'll be able to convince your girl to take it all because of all the health benefits. She may complain that it's not good, but you can shoot back (apologies for the pun) with, "But it's good for you".

Top Three Positions for Two Men, Two Women Group Sex22 Jun 2012

Group sex! how fabulous is it!? Sex with one other person is already amazing, but throwing more people into your sex sessions is an unimaginably explosive experience. Feel free to try these positions out to get the most out of group sex with another man, and two women! You will be one lucky man!

Avoid These To Up Your Chances 18 Jun 2012

Meeting someone is usually anything but simple or easy. There are so many factors that come into play in regards to whether the date will go well, end abruptly, be completely disastrous or be completely amazing, you just never know! However, there are some things that you can avoid to increase your chances of meeting that fabulous girl. Here are the things that can commonly happen but are easily avoidable.

Two Men, One Girl Positions29 Apr 2012

What a lucky female, she gets to have two men have their way with her both at the same time! Sounds absolutely fabulous but of course you want it to be amazing for you as well! Try these positions to get the most out of your threesome with a female, and another male. You can always change positions to suit your personal desires, fantasies and preferences, but remember to never put a limit on your creativity.