Escorts are for Women Too15 Jan 2018

Escorts are for Women Too

Many people think that escorts are only for men but that’s not the case.

Men and their sexual appetite10 Jul 2017

For most men, fantasies can come true and they do long for them A lot of men seek the services of the London escorts as they can help fulfill them.

Confidentiality in a relationship01 May 2017

How much of your relationship do you disclose to your friends, family or London escort? Are these things worth mentioning to persons on the outside or are they meant to be confidential? Not everything that your girl speaks to you about is open for everyone’s ears.

Big Love - The Case of the Polyamorous Guy29 Apr 2016

Amongst the many fantasies of men, having sex with women would be at the top of their lists.

London Escort girls are the Best 11 Dec 2015

There are many men who travel to London for many different reasons.

Looking for a date, then try the escorts24 Jul 2015

When it comes to finding a date, you want someone that is fun to be with, easy to talk to and of course someone that appeals to you physically.

Great ideas for hot sex08 May 2015

When it comes to sex, it is no secret that some women are more experimental than others.

Great sex secrets17 Apr 2015

Everyone wants to boast about the great sex life that they have.

Maria’s Delight15 Dec 2014

Maria was excited. She was about to meet someone new. Maria's life had become very dull and she was going to explode if she didn't let go of some of her sexual frustration.

Fiery Redheads05 Apr 2013

If you are looking for a fiery and feisty lady that can fulfill all of your fantasies then book an appointment with the stunning redhead escorts. These ladies will blow you away and are rapidly becoming the girls of choice in and around London. These ladies are very hot. They are passionate, sensual and enthusiastic, always giving maximum effort every time.

The Ten Must – Knows of a One Night Stand08 Mar 2013

Sure, there are tons of rules, tips and tricks that you can (and should) learn for indulging in a one night stand, but who really wants to take the time out for that? You simply just want to get it in, get your rocks off and get gone, right? Give yourself five minutes and if you're going to read anything, then read about these ten absolute must-knows when it comes to getting down and dirty with a stranger.

Escorts Love to Party in the Worlds Greatest City 11 Feb 2013

If you are deciding to take a holiday to London and you are free, single and disengaged, you may want to consider hooking up with the escorts in London. The duo escorts are not only some of the best girls that you could meet, but they can also show you some of the best places to go to have the best time.

Positions Women Like08 Jan 2013

Every man will agree that males and females are two totally different species. Of course, there are some similarities when it comes to sex and wanting rough and wild fantasies, but typically, women like to have their men make love to them from time to time. Rough sex is great but they need to be reminded that they aren't only a sex object to you.

Safe watery Fun07 Jan 2013

Summer is right around the corner so it only makes sense that everyone gets prepared to indulge in their wet and wild fantasies. Although sex in water isn't always the safest thing, it's still something that everyone loves to do and safe or not it's going to happen. So grab your rubber ducky and strap up, because this is going to be a wet and wild summer!

A Quick Guide to Being with an Escort29 Nov 2012

Whilst you may see certain scenarios in movies that depict the accessibility and the idea of what a standard escort may look like, remember that that is just a movie and movies aren't real. There are procedures that will need to take place before you meet with the blonde escorts.