Double Escorts How to Do It09 Sep 2016

Escorts are fun.

Looking for Cheap Escorts?13 Nov 2015

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The Meat Feast09 Mar 2015

I started walking along the side of the A6 just North of Luton trying to thumb a lift, it was a rare boiling hot day when a van stopped for me, I was so grateful to escape the heat.

The Lair06 Mar 2015

My flat mate Hayley and I had decided that we wanted to experience a foursome but trying to hook our boyfriends in was proving rather difficult, so we decided it would be fun to set up some strangers and besides we were getting bored with our guys.

My Adopted Mummy16 Jan 2015

It was time for my weekly visit to see my adopted Mummy, I usually visit on a Thursday afternoon as a pre weekend treat.

How to get over your ex- quick!!31 Oct 2014

You now belong to the group of men that no longer have a lady to call your own and you sit at home all over the weekend waiting for Monday to come around so you have something to take your mind off her.

Have some fun in the City 11 Jun 2014

Many people visit London for business reasons as it is the financial capital of the world and where you will find lots of offices and businesses head quarters. The pace is fast and nine to five workers are rushing around trying to fit everything into one day.

Sexual Fantasies: The Female Perspective23 May 2014

If you think that your woman isn't sitting around thinking of the naughty things she'll do to you then you're wrong. Just because women are perceived as being more refined than men it doesn't mean they can't be sexual on their own.

Just Sex, Don't Tell14 May 2014

You just had one of the craziest nights ever, with a hot busty escort you picked up in the bar, just gave you the best sex ever. You did things all night long; things you thought you could never do in bed; things that you've always wanted but never really got to do it.

Escorts and the Sunshine 07 May 2014

Finally the rain has stopped and the sun is breaking through the clouds. There is light at the end of the tunnel and the Harrow escorts have come out to play. The sun makes everyone happier. It's much easier to have a smile on your face when you are not darting in and out of the rain.

She Pissed his Pain Away23 Apr 2014

As Jenna's client entered to the room, he was met by her sexy body, completely naked below the waist wearing nothing but thigh-high FM boots. The smell of the leather was enticing. It pulled him in like a fish on a line. The sounds of the creaking leather made his cock bulge every time she made a move.

In The Restaurant Stall19 Mar 2014

Cindy and her girlfriends were heading out to celebrate a night out on the town. One of her girlfriends recently got engaged and the group decided to go to a divine restaurant for some delicious cuisine before heading to a concert. So, Cindy rampaged through her closet and settled with a sexy LBD which was fit for an elegant dinner yet revealing enough for a night out partying at the concert.

Beautiful Young Escorts20 Jan 2014

The young London escorts are some of the sexiest, cheekiest and most charming ladies available. These girls are all over the age of eighteen but have young, fresh and youthful looks that will drive you wild. These girls just want to have fun and will show you the time of your life.

Buying the Perfect gifts for your Escort03 Jan 2014

In order to have the best sex you need to have a mental and physical connection with your London escort. By seeing her on a regular basis you can build a up a relationship and really get to know her. She can become a friend as well as a business associate.

A Great way to Start the Day25 Nov 2013

Imagine waking up and starting your day by seeing one of the sexy London escorts. Everyone likes a bit of early morning action and you can go to work with a smile on your face knowing that you have just been very naughty with a beautiful woman. The London escorts are available round the clock so you will be able to find a lively and fresh faced London escort even if it is four in the morning.