Mutual Masturbation11 Aug 2017

Men and women are quite entirely different when it comes to reacting to their inner sexual feelings.

How to prepare for sex11 May 2015

Everyone loves sex, especially the escorts in London, because this the area in which they specialise.

Jenney Discovered She was a Bad Girl21 Mar 2014

Jenny feels like she was always a reserved individual when it came to her sexuality, and it was only when she was 18 that she started to feel a bit more relaxed about her sexual desires, fetishes and fantasies. She didn't start masturbating until she was past the age of 19, and even then, it was never a regular thing. She blames her upbringing on this.

Simple Must - Try Kinky Moves22 Jan 2013

Are you trying to add some spice to your sex sessions but unsure how to? Maybe you just want some ideas of little extra things you can do to add a little kinkiness to your sex life, or perhaps you and your partner are shy and want to subtly incorporate more experimental things into the bedroom? Whatever your reason may be, these little simple things will definitely get you on your way to having the sex life you deserve.

Five ways to Add Sizzle to Your Sex Life 02 Dec 2012

Adding sizzle to your sex life is something that you may want to do if you have little or no sex life. Things may be a little on the slow side and you want something to get the stimulation or rather the sensation back. Ok so you want some ways to get this done then here are five things that you can do to get that sizzling that you are looking for.

Masturbate, Its Good For You! 08 Oct 2012

As if this article title had to tell you to masturbate. It's been said for so long that masturbation is healthy for you, so why would you need any more encouragement than that to keep it going? Well, the more the merrier to justify your excess amount of masturbating, so read on!

Horny High School Virgin29 Jun 2012

Throughout high school, Emily-Jane was always the virgin. All of her friends were having sex and she felt like she was the only one who had yet to indulge. It wasn't that she didn't want to do it, but she had decided that she wanted to leave it until she met someone that she really wanted to fuck. She wanted her first time and first guy to be special as most girls would, and all the guys that had come her way so far were just not it.

Kinky Escorts and Their Toys16 Jun 2012

The kinky escorts love toys. Even though they don't need any extra help, they often have a bag full of goodies that can really spice things up between the sheets. Not just lady toys, there are often male gadgets that can really offer you new experiences.

Bringing her to Orgasm 10 Mar 2012

Many men think that they know how to please a woman, when in fact they don't have a clue. They think that a few thrusts and a little poke about will have her moaning and groaning. Well if you feel like you need to brush up your skills, book one of the Heathrow escorts to come and give you a few tips and show you some tricks.

Masturbation - Why You Need to do it 24 Sep 2011

Every man needs a release, be it through an intense workout, binging on food or even masturbation. It has been said that masturbating before going to bed is the simplest and most effective way of getting yourself to sleep. There is no other healthier way of keeping your mind and body fit than through masturbation, and there is definitely nothing to be ashamed of about it.

Facts about Sex10 Jul 2011

  1. The global sex industry is currently worth more than 57 billion dollars and the U.S has more strip clubs than there are all over the world.