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Set roughly six miles from the centre of London. Finchley is a residential suburb situated in Barnet, North London. It has excellent transport links into the capital and you can reach the heart of the capital within twenty five minutes. . The town is split in to four areas, North Finchley, Church End Finchley, West and East Finchley. When it comes to culture the area is quite diverse and the home to people from a variety of walks of life. There are many shopping facilities, bars, pubs and restaurants in the area so there is plenty to see and do.

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Finchley has an interesting nightlife with a number of pubs, bars, restaurants and music venues. The Flask is a friendly and welcoming pub and a great place to enjoy a few quiet drinks with the escorts in Finchley. Alternatively why not head to the Phoenix Cinema to see the latest big blockbuster whilst enjoy a box of popcorn? Just a short walk from the tube station you will find The Dignity which is another great pub serving food at lunch and dinner times and full of local characters.

There are numerous good restaurants, fast food outlets and take aways in the area, so you and the Finchley escorts are unlikely to go hungry. ZiZi Restaurante Italiano is a popular choice among residents, visitors and the Finchley escorts. The serve some incredible pizzas and delicious pasta dishes. Alternatively for authentic and mouth watering Greek cuisine head to Retsina where you will find a great atmosphere, a delicious menu and friendly staff.

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East Finchley

East Finchley is a suburban area located in the London Borough of Barnet. It is approximately 8 miles north of the centre of London. Technically the area of East Finchley is isolated from the rest of the Finchley locations. North Finchley is to the northern side as well as West Finchley. Finchley Central is over to the west. However the areas are well connected through rail lines and commuters constantly travel through. There are a number of shops in the area along with several pubs, bars and good quality restaurants.

It does not matter whether you live in East Finchley or are just visiting the area, you will be able to enjoy the wonderful company of some of the outstanding East Finchley escorts, who are always visiting their regular clients in the area. The escorts in East Finchley are by far the best that you will find anywhere. They are very well known for their desirability, good looks and charismatic personalities and once you have spent some time with one of these ladies, you will be hooked, just like their regular clients. No other escorts can offer you the same level of pleasure and satisfaction as the East Finchley escorts. You may wish to spend a quiet cosy evening in your home or hotel, just getting to know your adorable companion or you may wish to explore the nightlife in and around the area.

The area has many attractions that can be entertaining for you and your East Finchley escort. Why not visit the Barnet Museum? You can learn all about the town's local history through a series of exhibitions and collections. You will also find the RAF museum nearby.

Alternatively you could take your East Finchley escort to the Phoenix Cinema situated on the High Road. You can share a box of popcorn in the back row whilst enjoying a good film.

There are many nice restaurants in the area along with a number of take aways and fast food outlets. The Quality Tandoori Restaurant is a great place to visit with the East Finchley escorts. You can enjoy some mouth watering Indian specialties and a great curry.

The escorts in East Finchley are not just amazing to look at, they have the charming personalities to match. You will find the ladies at Diamond Escorts to be sweet, feminine and well mannered. They are the perfect choice if you need a date for a work function or event. Although the East Finchley escorts don't take themselves too seriously they are professional and discreet at all times. It would be a shame to visit this town and not take advantage of some of the stunning escorts East Finchley has to offer.

Below you will find a list of venues where your Finchley escort will be more than happy to visit and offer you that very special memorable evening of exceptional enjoyment which we are certain you will remember for a very long time.

What to See in Finchley

The Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum professes its leadership in celebrating Jewish life and cultural diversity in the UK. It offers its visitors many and varied collections consisting of Photographic Libraries, Research Facilities a whole gallery devoted to the Holocaust and an in-depth informal introduction to the Jewish Faith, it history and treasures from around the world.

Engaging with individuals across the spectrum of age, from all backgrounds and faiths, the innovative galleries bring the museums collections to life by introducing and placing the Jewish story into the wider context of British history. The staff are more than happy to engage with people of all ages, backgrounds and faiths to offer advice and explore Jewish culture, heritage and identity as part of the wider chronicle of Britain.

The informative exhibitions are designed to interact with education programmes and activities enabling and encouraging a sense of discovery and creativity. Created to build and enhance cultural interfaith understanding, but also more importantly inspiring people to take a stand against racism and to look at the world from a different view point.

The Jewish Museum is currently going through a complete transformation estimated to cost in the region of £10m. The purpose for this is to create a new centre-piece museum delivering a stirring place to explore the Jewish culture, heritage and identity. The exciting new complex is scheduled to re-open in the first quarter of 2010.

+44 020 7284 7385

The Regent's Park

The Regent's Park

Regent's Park is one of the Royal Parks of London and is situated in the northern part of central London lying partially in the City of Westminster and partially in the London Borough of Camden. The Park also plays host to the Regent's College and its more famous partner, London Zoo.

The 166 hectare, equating to approximately 410 acres, park consists of mainly open parkland although it enjoys a brilliant and wide ranging set of facilities and amenities including gardens, a lake with a heronry, waterfowl and a boating area, sports pitches, and children's playgrounds.

Sited in the North of Regent’s Park the visitor will find London Zoo which also hosts the headquarters of the Zoological Society of London. The Park has several public gardens containing flowers and specimen plants; these include the Queen Mary's Gardens in the Inner Circle, which also houses the Open Air Theatre, the formal Italian Gardens and adjacent informal English Gardens.

In the south-east corner of the park are the gardens of St John's Lodge. Winfield House, the official UK residence of the U.S. Ambassador, is situated in its own private grounds in the western section of the park. Within close proximity is the domed London Central Mosque, better known as Regent's Park mosque, a highly visible landmark.

To the south of the Inner Circle you will find the Regent's College. This consists of a consortium of institutes of higher education and is home to the London Business School (LBS), the European Business School London, the British American College London (BACL) and Webster Graduate School among others.

The Frued Museum

The Frued Museum

The Freud Museum is located in the North London Suburb of Hampstead, very close to Finchley. This was the London home of Sigmund Freud and his family when they eluded integration into the Nazi annexation of Austria in 1938. The property remained the family home until Anna Freud, the youngest daughter of Sigmund, died in 1982. The centre-piece of the museum is the study used by Freud and preserved just as it was during his lifetime.

Thanks to the endeavours of his daughter the Study and Library remain unchanged and contain Freud's remarkable collection of antiquities: Egyptian; Greek; Roman and Oriental. The collection consisting of almost 2,000 items fill cabinets and are arranged on every available surface. There are plentiful ancient figures displayed on the now famous desk where Freud wrote until the early hours of most mornings. The walls are bedecked with shelves containing the painstakingly collected library personally put together by Freud.

The whole of the house can now be visited, including the beautifully laid out gardens. There is an exhibition centre giving the visitor more insight into the Freud household, the incredibly famous Couch. The Museum also provides a Video centre where recorded footage can be viewed of Sigmund Freud, his family, friends and pets. The Museum also houses a Gift shop for those visitors wishing to take home a small piece of memorabilia marking there visit to the Sigmund Freud Museum.

Restaurants in Finchley

Two Brothers Fish Restaurant

Two Brothers Fish Restaurant

Visitors who dismiss Two Brothers as little more than a basic Fish and Chip Shop with posh desserts, alcohol & toilets do so at there own peril. This is probably one of the best Fish Restaurants in North London. The two founder brothers have now retired after more than 25 years in the business, but the new owners have changed little in the marvellous eatery. The legendary wine list remains, the varied choice of starter and mains still remains, not forgetting those deserts. The new owners still stock bottles of Domaine du Grand Mayne from the Manzis’ vineyards in the French region of Côtes de Duras.

Only the best fresh cod, haddock, skate wing & plaice are served and produced in a varied manner the clientele can have there main course grilled, steamed, battered or fried in a coating of matzo meal, this still remains extremely popular with the local Jewish community. The starters and deserts still compliment the authentic concept of Fish and Chips, and some of the most fashionable accompaniments can still be obtained, including: Mushy Peas, Pickled Onions and not forgetting Gherkins.

The establishment still offers a take away service so if you are looking to get your food wrapped and bundled try the take way, if not try our restaurant for a different experience, dine out in the pleasant surroundings of the dining room with full table service.

The Bald Faced Stag

The Bald Faced Stag

Originally the landmark site of North London serving coaches that passed alongside the Great North Turnpike Road in the 1700's. The establishment was rebuilt in the early 1890's. In 2007 the site went through a major refurbishment that breezed fresh life back into this distinguished pub. The establishment is fast regaining its well earned and superb reputation that is praiseworthy of its illustrious past.

The Bald Faced Stag boasts numerous rooms which have been tastefully decorated in rich dark complimentary colours adding to the pleasurable ambiance of the location. A thoughtful and stylish sprinkling of old fashioned black and white prints adorns the walls and depicts the area in bygone days. The delicate lighting provided by retro chandeliers and classical glass candelabra, augmented by wall lights sets an easy and relaxed atmosphere that is enjoyed by a diverse mix of clientele.

The Bald Faced Stag offers a new 80 cover dining area, located at the rear of the Pub, along with the introduction of an open plan kitchen and the creation of a huge beer garden that nestles beneath the old sycamore tree. A fantastic menu and well thought out wine and beverages list all adds to this exceptional eatery.

Ther Spaniards Inn

Ther Spaniards Inn

The Spaniards Inn Hampstead has to be the ultimate Countryside Inn based in the heart of a metropolis. Located on the heath at Hampstead with a fantastic beer garden and truly memorable views of the heath land, this is the place to chill and get away from the pressures of City Living.

The Spaniards Inn has its origins from around the late 16th Centaury. This historic House is full of beautifully preserved features, especially on the first floor which still retains many of the original architectural features. This area of the existing building forms part of the original build. However an Edwardian extension was added giving the building its striking white wooden panels. Adjacent is the toll house yet another building which tends to block the road and obscure the view.

With so much History the Spaniards has become part of the local folk law where tales abound and the ultimate scenario of stories intermingled with facts, creates possibly some incredible myth. Along with the Spanish ambassador to King James living at the Pub, Dick Turpin using the Spaniards as a spy camp watching those heavily laden carriages cross the Heath, in readiness to relieve them of there riches. The famous literary figures of Keats, Shelly and Byron supposedly wrote here over a full bodied Red or two and Charles Dickens reportedly visited – this can be supported as the Inn is mentioned in the Pickwick Papers.

One interesting fable that can be reported as defiantly true is that of rioters wanting to burn down Kenwood House in the late 18th Centaury. The rioters were halted on their way by the then landlord, who kept the drink flowing until the law arrived to polish off the remaining resistance.

Today, great food a fantastic range of beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks available, not forgetting the now famous Sunday Roasts and traditional English Fare served at all other times. The summer brings Hog Roasts and Barbeques in abundance.

The Spaniards is a dog friendly establishment where your four legged friend can be pampered beyond belief. Doggy snacks and a long hot bath in our doggy wash after that exhausting walk across the Heath.

Zizzi Restaurante Italiano

Zizzi Restaurante Italiano

Zizzi opened in 1999, celebrating 10 years last year. The company opened its first restaurant in Chiswick, from the olde English meaning - cheese farm, and since then the company has expanded opening more than 100 restaurants across the UK. Not all of them can boast intimate food related links, but each restaurant has managed to create a distinctly local feel. To coin a phrase, it is the people who make the restaurant, the staff and clientele. The company philosophy has always been the same and never faltered, you can taste when someone loves what they do.

At Zizzi, the staff, owners and company are passionate about there food. They take great delight and pride in what comes in and out of the kitchens. The principle is very simple; the process begins with the ingredients - always fresh and well prepared. Then our chefs will cook your meal in that special simple yet loving Italian cookery style and we believe that you can taste when someone loves what they do.

Zizzi offers a great, simple and well balanced menu complimented by some fantastic wines and beers in a very relaxed, restful and near Mediterranean atmosphere. Our staff are here to make you happy and to ensure your dining experience is one you will remember for a long time top come./

Retsina Greek Restaurant

Retsina Greek Restaurant

Retsina has now re-located from Regent’s Park Road to the former site of Halepi. Everything about the new operation is sleek and well polished. The thoughtfully painted cream-walls, complimented by the candlelit decor generates an ambient, chilled and relaxed atmosphere with that little touch of stylish panache. The service is buoyant, the prices are fantastic, and the cooking is effortlessly traditionally authentic, through and through. There is no wonder the restaurant is difficult to book and becomes packed to the rafters at night. The food delights with its enthusiastic attention to ingredient-quality and the freshness that reassures the diner.

Retsina takes pride in its menu, which is also complimented by a cleverly selected Wines and Beers list. The menu offers the discerning diner a selection of gourmet delights which takes the client back to the Mediterranean, those balmy summer nights eating in that special Taverna and those delicately prepared dishes. The Menu offers all that is authentic, homely and traditional about Greek cuisine, its fresh ingredients, the preparations, the presentation and the pure enjoyment of eating these wonderfully prepared dishes.

There are some very interesting main courses on the menu, these include stuffed kalamári, though the traditional version was succulently light, fresh and definitely moreish. Lamb soúvla a real Greek stalwart looked really impressive, served with a plentiful side of honey-centred Cyprus potatoes. After deserts, Greek coffees or if you prefer filter coffee a complimentary loukoúmi to finish off the meal in traditional style.

Entertainment in Finchley

The Luminaire Venue

The Luminaire Venue

The Luminaire opened for the first time on 1 March 2005, in protest to the way that gig-goers were treated by the bureaucracy that is Venues and Promoters. The Ethos behind The Luminaire was to ensure all gig-goers were treated like people and not the usual confrontational cattle stampede. The Luminaire also re-defined how bands would be treated in a thoughtful, professional and stress free way.

This venue has changed the way that gig-goers and bands think of a night of music. Although quite a small /medium sized venue, the commitment to detail, the enthusiasm of the staff and the continued success of the venue have made it a must place to visit. Located in the heart of North London and within easy access to Finchley and Central London, this is a great place to have an evening out.

There are many and varied Restaurants around the venue serving a fantastic variety of cuisines ranging from Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese and Classical to Gastro-Pubs and Fine dining establishments. As the venue is not located in the congestion zone you may find easy access to parking around the venue.

Beavers Gentlemen's Club

Beavers Gentlemen's Club

A warm exciting welcome awaits you at one of the biggest and wildest Gentlemen’s clubs in Hertfordshire, BEAVERS. This club is like no other club you will have been to, it offers the definitive Boys and Girls night out in Hertfordshire. Beautiful, Elegant and Stunning Girls will entertain you for free all night with our brilliant stage show. There is also the chance to get your hands on a free pitcher of beer.

Set on 2 floors, BEAVERS offers the essential in adult entertainment! You can come to club for a drink and watch the free stage shows all night. Maybe you prefer a more personal experience. You can join one of the girls in a private room on the first floor for an ultimate and unique up-close lap-dance experience.

The Girls known as Beaver Babes, will strip on the main stage for your pleasure every 10 minutes absolutely free. If you are looking for something of a more personal nature, find one of the clubs unique pole tables and have your own individual dancer entertain you and your friend’s just inches away!

The Flask Public House

The Flask Public House

In the early part of the 18th century, the rolling hills of Hampstead had a hidden resource which was becoming increasingly precious, clean drinking water. London was expanding at a phenomenal rate and the scarcity of the fresh water supply was overstretched and increasingly more polluted.

Water was collected from the local Hampstead hills natural springs and taken to the then village pub, known as the Thatched House. The water was bottled and sold initially locally, at threepence a flask. The market expanded and the water was sold to the taverns and coffee houses of London. Soon this commodity gained dubious medicinal qualities, relieving complaints, and hailed as a life saver.

Eventually progress prevailed and the open countryside between London and its surrounding villages was built on. In the latter part of the 19th Century the Thatched House was demolished and replaced by the Flask, a typical Victorian working mans pub in a working class area. Today the workers' cottages fetch incredible sums because of the area.

The Flask is a friendly and welcoming pub, full of local atmosphere, a great place to relax, chill and enjoy a beverage or two. The two bars at the front of the Pub are a fantastic feature, separated by a incredible glazed partition which was added in the late 1880's. The bar are is split into the saloon bar, where there are panels painted by Jan Van Beers and the Old fashioned Snug Bar. The Lounge bar is a little more comfortable with its fine cast iron fireplace.

At the rear is the conservatory and dining room, where fine seasonal and traditional foods can be enjoyed. The Flask has a very good reputation for its Fayre and can boast a highly recommended Sunday Roast with all the trimmings.

The Phoenix Cinema

The Phoenix Cinema

The Phoenix Cinema is one of the Capitals leading independent cinemas and is acclaimed as possibly, one of the oldest cinemas in the UK. At the back of its modernised foyer lies a fantastic piece of late 19th Century architecture in the form of the historic auditorium with unique art deco features, which remain unchanged.

The Phoenix first opened its doors to the public in 1910, but was known as the East Finchley Picturedrome. It initially offered the world's finest picture plays to its adoring public. The Phoenix has always been a cinema and is believed to be the oldest purpose-built continuously serving cinema in the UK. Unlike some of its close neighbours, the Phoenix has never been used as a bingo hall, snooker hall or blacked out, even during two World Wars. It is reportedly stated that the cinema was one of the first in London to screen sound films in the late 1920’s when it was known as the Coliseum. After the Trust purchased the cinema from Granada in the early 1970’s it was re-opened in 1975 as the Phoenix, an independent cinema for the capital, London.

The Phoenix has a illustrious film programme of the latest releases, independent, foreign-language and specialist films. The Phoenix also prides itself on delivering a repertoire of old and new classics. The Cinema also offers a kids club, regular events, festivals, one-off talks and screenings, workshops for schools, film classes and a hugely popular membership scheme.

The Dignity Public House

The Dignity Public House

The Dignity is one of North London’s veritable boozers, full of local characters, offering a great and varied food menu and some brilliant beers and just a short distance from Finchley Central Tube station. This public house offers its clientele a fantastic place to sit back, have a good old fashioned chat, relax and chill before the weekend starts.

The Dignity offers a varied choice of entertainment, ranging from great Jazz Nights on Sunday’s, free Live Jazz every Sunday. A quiz night every Wednesday with brilliant prizes, and not forgetting the Open Mic night on Thursday’s. If this is not your scene then maybe the Wine Clubs which meets on Thursday nights will tempt you, special offers on bottles of Wine.

The Dignity offers a Great and Varied Food Menu, from the Sharing Plates to Enormous Burgers created to match even the largest of appetites, to subtle and creamy warm Goats Cheese salads. There are of course Daily Specials including that good old stalwart of Ham, Egg and Chips and Salmon Fish Cakes. At the weekends the Pub offers recovery Breakfast served from 11:00 am every Saturday and Sunday.

The Pub has an excellent reputation for its Sunday Roasts,. With plentiful choices of Freshly cooked and served meat and vegetables all topped of with our chef’s now legendary Gravy and of course the old favourite Yorkshire pudding.

Where to Stay in Finchley

The Chumleigh Lodge Hotel

The Chumleigh Lodge Hotel

This Hotel is ideally located for those short London City Breaks or that Business trip, with the bright lights of London, the UK’s Capital only 15 to 20 Minutes away; this is a great place to base your stay around. The City business centre is no more than 30 minutes away by local transport.

This large Family run Hotel is located in the Leafy suburb of Finchley, retaining many of its Victorian architectural features. The Hotel is only a short distance from Wembley stadium and Alexandra Palace with the North London Arts depot only 10 minutes by local bus service. The Chumleigh Lodge is situated within walking distance of a fantastic range of bars and restaurants, where you can enjoy a drink or two and a great meal.

The Chumleigh Lodge offers superbly appointed rooms, which include a TV, CD Player and tea and Coffee making facilities, all rooms are en-suite and heated. Breakfast can be arranged and you have a choice of Traditional Breakfast or a Continental Breakfast. Internet connection via Wi-Fi is available throughout the Hotel, Other facilities include a Safety Deposit Box, Left Luggage Office and Free Car parking at the Rear of the Hotel.

The King Solomon Hotel

The King Solomon Hotel

The King Solomon Hotel extends a warm and cheerful welcome, offering very comfortable high quality budget accommodation in the North London area. The hotel is conveniently located near Golders Green and Brent Cross London underground stations, and within easy access of Central London and all its famous attractions. The Hotel is located outside the Central London Congestion Charge Zone, close to the major road routes including the North Circular A406, M1, M11, M25, M40 and M4 motorways.

The highly trained Staff at the King Solomon Hotel are extremely friendly, helpful and willing to assist our clientele with there requests about local attractions and getting around. The hotel offers free car parking facilities to all our guests. All rooms come with an en-suite facility, Colour TV, Central Heating, Free Tea and Coffee making facilities and Wi-Fi. If there is anything you require please do not hesitate in asking our helpful staff.

In the centre of this traditional Town lies the Market area, this area boasts many restaurants, bars and cafés, a varied and fantastic array of great shops, as well as charming parks, such as the Golders Hill Park or Hampstead Heath. If shopping is your sport then , Brent Cross Shopping Centre with its 110 stores and cafes is only 10 – 15 minutes away from hotel. There is of course the newly opened Wembley Stadium and the Wembley Arena which are close by and can be reached by local transport. There are several local attractions worthy of a visit and include RAF museum, Kenwood House, Jewish Museum.

The Crown Moran Hotel

The Crown Moran Hotel

The Crown Moran Hotel Cricklewood is possibly one of the best London hotels you could hope to find. Advantageously located for easy access to the \West End, Marble Arch, Wembley Stadium, The Wembley Arena, Brent Cross shopping Centre and M1 motorway. The Hotel offers very spacious guestrooms, with suites available, superbly appointed conference facilities for up to 300 delegates, plus a brilliant leisure complex with a heated swimming pool.

The Crown Moran Hotel in Cricklewood North West London maybe ultra modern in its design, but it certainly does not falter on the human touch which is so often a missing element in many of the upmarket designer influenced hotels. The Crown Moran prides itself on a no stuffiness, no pretensions and no ego ethos what it does deliver is exceptionally high service standards, second to none service with a smile and a fantastic warm Irish welcome. Remember no matter what you need our attentive staff will endeavour to meet your requirements

The hotel boasts a magnificent restaurant so why not try a delicious mouth watering dish at the King Sitric Bar and Grill. The House speciality is Irish Beef Steaks cooked just the way you like them. In addition you can also select from our simply served seasonal dishes and house specialities. Should you wish to partake of a meal in less formal surroundings, bar food is available from 12pm to 10pm daily.

The Comfort Hotel Finchley

The Comfort Hotel Finchley

A warm and friendly welcome is extended to our clientele from the Comfort Hotel Finchley.

The Comfort Hotel is located approximately 100 yards from the A406 North Circular Road, therefore access to the Hotel could not be easier. There is ample free car parking and accesss to Central London by Local transport could not be easier. With direct access to Central London by Tube in only 20 minutes, the Comfort Finchley is the ideal stopover for either business or pleasure. The hotel is superbly situated and located in a large leisure complex which boasts a cinema and numerous restaurants which are sure to keep entertain you.

Guests can avail of free full breakfast, free car parking and free Wi-Fi. Clientele can also take advantage of our onsite restaurant and bar so you can pull in , check in and enjoy a relaxed evening. There is a laundry service and the obvious included services our clients have come to expect, including Tea and Coffee making facilities in the room, TV and CD / DVD players. Business travellers will appreciate conveniences like computer hook-ups and access to copy and fax services. The onsite meeting room will accommodate up to 30 people, making meeting arrangement could not be any simpler, just contact the Hotel we will do the rest.

Finchley is on the doorstep and is no more than 20 minutes away. Enjoy Finchley’s local area and visit the Lido, Golf Club and Brent Cross shopping centre. The nearby Phoenix Cinema is one of the oldest cinemas in the UK and well worth a visit you will be amazed at the Art Deco interior od the unspoilt cinema.

The Palm Hotel

The Palm Hotel

The Palm Hotel is a very popular 3 star hotel located approximately 4 miles from London's Oxford Circus and no more than 5 minutes from the M1 motorway, linking this part of London’s suburbia to the rest of the mainland UK. With Golders Green underground station a 5 – 10 minute walk away from the Hotel access to Central London could not be easier. Just a few steps away from the hotel there is the 113-bus route, which operates directly to Oxford Street. The hotel is surrounded by many of the Out of Central London, popular attractions, these include: the Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon College and the ever popular and famous Hampstead Town with its picturesque centre and the Heath.

The hotel has a splendid range of Guest accommodation included in its 64 guest rooms. All guest-rooms have an en-suite bathroom, tea and coffee facilities, direct dial phone, TV, radio and hairdryer included. The Hotels public areas are fully air-conditioned; his includes the hotel's two bars and the very well appointed and exceptional restaurant called Tivoli.

The hotel can provide free car parking for in excess of sixty vehicles. The Palm also boasts a large and airy function room which can accommodate up to 300 delegates or visitors. The 3 star Palm Hotel offers exceptional value for money and is ideally placed for both the Business and Leisure Traveller. The hotel boasts a large Lounge Area where guests can relax with a drink and socialise, or maybe even complete that last minute piece of work before that important meeting next day.

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