What not to do not your honeymoon17 Jul 2017

So the wedding is over and you and your blushing new bride have decided to honeymoon in the most romantic place you have ever seen.

The Right Place- Where to Find the Woman of your dreams22 Jul 2016

We get it- you want to meet a decent woman.

Tales of Male Infertility04 Jul 2016

Infertility, a situation where men think that it’s the women who make it impossible to bear a child, a situation that reflects the desire of every couple to have an offspring, an heir to their own magnate, but infertility is so much more than that.

Prevention is better than Cure13 Jun 2016

Familiarity is the pitfall of every relationship.

Big Love - The Case of the Polyamorous Guy29 Apr 2016

Amongst the many fantasies of men, having sex with women would be at the top of their lists.

Love and Lust15 Apr 2016

Love is a very fluid concept.

Casual Sex Myth Busters22 Sep 2012

When did casual sex get deemed a dirty phrase? Since this happened, anyone who indulges in hooking up, sleeping around or any other term used for casual sex nowadays is immediately deemed dirty, disrespectful and has a bad reputation. However, in a desperate effort to decrease the negative stigma surrounding this fabulous thing, this article will take you through the most popular opinions and beliefs about casual sex and bust them!

Hendon Escorts - Everyone deserves the best27 May 2012

Wanting the best from life is nothing strange to the average person. A better job, better car or even a better sex life. On a daily basis, we strive for these things and more. What if you had the opportunity to be able to get a quick fix for one of these things, wouldn't you take the chance and go for it? Of course you would, and this is where the escorts in Hendon can be of service.

Booking a Chelsea Escort with Your Partner23 Mar 2012

Has one of your secret fantasies always been to have two women at once? Now that you are in a loving relationship it doesn't mean that this cannot be possible! Ask your partner how she would feel about spicing things up and inviting one of the Chelsea escorts to come and show you some new tricks.

Challenges That You May be Facing in Your Relationship 03 Oct 2011

There is no doubt that we face challenges in life, but what if your life challenges spill into your relationship and cause personal challenges, what do you do then?

The Honeymoon Escapades - What You Need to Know about Wedding Night Sex 04 Sep 2011

In the light of Britain's most talked about couple of the year, Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton, it comes as no surprise that some couples are eager to know how a prince and a princess-to-be deal with sex - the wedding night sex, and with the buzz that's been going on as to where the two royals spent their first night as a married couple, we don't think they'd be letting us in on any of their honeymoon secrets, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't give due importance to our own wedding night sex.

Spice Hedonistic All Inclusive Resort - Swinger’s Delight17 Apr 2011

Spice the lively and more importantly, all-inclusive, clothing optional resort for naturists, lifestylers and openly curious couples. Spice promises to offer a ménage of fun, excitement and adult games allowing you to meet new friends, and escorts in London, in an atmosphere where sexual joie de vivre gradually escalates right the way through the day.