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Be a Man, Be a Versatile Man18 Dec 2013

Admit it- you have far more clothes than your wife or girlfriend and mother combined, and we know why you hoard so many clothes in your closet but never get to use them- you're afraid you'd look like a fool in them but you bought them anyway because they were in the sale. Yeah, that's right; men can be quite impulsive too. Shoes and shirts are just some of the most impulsive stuff we buy when we're out on a shopping spree.

Cumming Too Soon26 Jun 2013

Believe it or not, there are some instances where you cum too soon and you think the girl doesn't notice it. But just as the sensation gets better with every thrust, sometimes, it ends up too good you forgot to please your girl. And it happens to the best of men; one minute you're making the girl scream with pleasure, the next thing you know, it's all over and she's left hanging on the brink.