The Party After the Party23 Oct 2017

As a woman you would hope that the person who did the most romantic thing for you would be your boyfriend or better yet your husband, right? Wrong! The clients of escorts have put many husbands to shame over the past few years that I have been working with the escorts company, and tonight was no different.

The difference between hard to get and GO AWAY06 Mar 2017

It’s a hard pill to swallow, for a guy to realise that the signs he used to read as “I’m not interested” actually meant “I like the game, now let’s play a bit”.

Are Men, the new Women25 Apr 2016

Men are to sex as women are to cuddling, at least that’s how basic sexual analogy would put it.

Making oral sex good for her04 Mar 2016

Giving a man oral sex is not the most luxurious thing for a woman especially when you have come from a football game with the guys or a workout and you are dripping with sweat.

The Debt Collector27 Feb 2015

As a young single bloke wanting to lead a life I couldn't afford I had ran up debts I couldn't pay and had made the huge mistake of going to a local shark lender.

Rehab in Bray23 Jan 2015

I watched her transfixed, as she wandered around in a semi trance like state with a permanent serene smile on her lips.

Maria’s Delight15 Dec 2014

Maria was excited. She was about to meet someone new. Maria's life had become very dull and she was going to explode if she didn't let go of some of her sexual frustration.

Escorts and Oral Sex24 Oct 2012

One of the main services that men want to receive when booking a London escort is oral. There are many different variations and each of the beautiful escorts has her own unique way of teasing your penis with her tongue.

Her Best Friend’s Brother and Nicole11 Oct 2012

It was a night filled with shots overflowing and dirty dancing on the dance floor. Nicole definitely had way too much to drink and just before it was last orders she decided that she had to call it a night before she got into too much trouble. She went to find her best friend and when she did, she was pleasantly surprised to see her best friend's big, buff bouncer brother waiting there with her.

Health Benefits of Swallowing Semen 05 Aug 2012

Now, you're more than likely not thinking about or even caring whether your semen is safe or not for your partner to swallow, but with the following facts, you'll be able to convince your girl to take it all because of all the health benefits. She may complain that it's not good, but you can shoot back (apologies for the pun) with, "But it's good for you".

Her Little Gem17 Jul 2012

Valentina had the pink glass dildo in her naughty toy box for oh so long, but never knew what to do with it. It didn't vibrate like all the rest of her toys that she loved to indulge in. Then there was one night when she was hanging out with her fuck buddy and he went to the blue fuzzy pouch that kept her glass dildo safe and pulled it out.

Getting the Most of What You Paid for26 Apr 2012

Some men don't believe in paying for sex as they can get it for free. But one has to wonder how good your free sex is! What do you get out of it? Maybe a hand job, a blow job if you are lucky, but does she swallow? Is she enthusiastic about receiving anal or getting down and dirty with another chic? No you say? Well guess what? When you pay for sex you get all of that and more.

Maria Gets Down Dirty and Wet28 Dec 2011

Maria isn't usually into her football friends, but at the same time, she would never turn down a fabulous sack session with a deliciously fit guy... so she always makes an exception for her good friend, Doug.

College Sex - Ridiculous Sex Mistakes 23 Aug 2011

Back in college, no one else knew about sex, until one night you slipped out of the boys dormitory and managed your way through into a bar filled with Barnet escorts From then on, your sex life was never the same. But looking back, while you may be proud of some sexual achievements, there are more regrets than you thought you had and were going to run them all down, from the embarrassing moments you had with your ex-girlfriend, to the mishaps you've had and some random hook-up you had the night before the morning after!