What not to do not your honeymoon17 Jul 2017

So the wedding is over and you and your blushing new bride have decided to honeymoon in the most romantic place you have ever seen.

The Best Company and Not About Work27 Feb 2017

When you are exhausted and feel like you have no energy left you must relax to be able to perform at peak levels when needed.

How to start up fun with London Escorts25 Nov 2016

Let’s say you are totally new to hiring escorts and you need some good advice with this new adventure.

Escorts - who are they?23 Sep 2016

It is that time of the year when your company sends you off for that business trip to a different country.

Sex Offences - What You Shouldnt Do24 Jun 2016

Sex is a game and every man wants to win the game, but as every game goes, there are rules and there are fouls and sex is no different.

Great outdoor places to have sex 11 Sep 2015

Sex indoors is so over rated.

Five ways to Add Sizzle to Your Sex Life 02 Dec 2012

Adding sizzle to your sex life is something that you may want to do if you have little or no sex life. Things may be a little on the slow side and you want something to get the stimulation or rather the sensation back. Ok so you want some ways to get this done then here are five things that you can do to get that sizzling that you are looking for.

Take a Break with a Muswell Hill Escort09 Nov 2012

Life can be very stressful. We all live at a much faster pace these days and are always on the go. Sometimes it can feel like we live to work rather than work to live. Everyone needs a bit of time out or a chance to relax in order to help balance the mind body and soul. You need to be able to forget about the problems at work and focus purely on yourself. You need to satisfy your personal needs and attend to your frustrations.

Hot Fun in Cricklewood 20 Sep 2012

This residential town is situated in the heart of North London approximately five miles from the capital and has excellent transport links to the city centre. Formally part of the borough of Hendon it is now part of the Borough of Brent. It has a culturally diverse range of residents and people from all nationalities and backgrounds are welcomed into the community.

How to Shag A Foreign Babe On Holiday18 Sep 2012

Oh, so you're the type of guy that is into foreign exotic babes? Maybe you're simply on holiday and mingling with the locals when you come across the sexiest girl that you have ever seen. Whatever your reason may be for wanting a foreign babe while you're travelling somewhere exotic, these tips and tricks will definitely get you started, or at least, get the conversation started. The rest may be up to you, but these should help.

Muswell Hill and the Stylish Escorts25 Aug 2012

Set roughly six miles from the centre of London, this North London suburb is set in the borough of Harringay. It's close to Alexandra Palace and is neighbour to Highgate Woods. It boasts original Edwardian properties which help to maintain its help to maintain its traditional and historical character. There is a diverse and close community with lots to see and do in the area.

A Night Out with the London Escorts 24 Aug 2012

You don't have to confine yourself to the bedroom with your London escort, although I'm sure you will want to experience some of the intimate pleasure the London escorts are well known for providing. Why not take your escort in London out on the town before heading back to your home or hotel? Imagine the envy of your friends when you turn up at the pub or the bar with a stunningly beautiful companion!

Roxana’s Special Date 10 Jul 2012

Mike was one of Roxana's usual date partners. He liked things hard and rough when they got down and dirty, so when he called, Roxana was extremely eager to meet up with him. She was dying for a good fuck.

Dirty Hotel Maid08 Jun 2012

After one too many drinks at a business dinner conference out of town, Estelle decided that she was getting a little too friendly for business terms, and made a pit stop at the hotel bathrooms before heading up to her room to call it a night.

The Colleague06 Jun 2012

A business meeting had recently been arranged for Lexi and a colleague out of town, and unlike most business trips, this one turned out to be a little more risqué than one would anticipate a work trip to be. An adventure was exactly what it was.