Massage and the Penis16 Jan 2017

Massage that is specially meant for the relaxation of your body and the growth of your penis is easily available and the London escorts services has skilled experts who are very well trained in executing such services to their clients.

Sex Marathon - Why You Shouldnt Have One20 Jun 2016

Every man dreams of having a marathon in bed, and when we say every man, we mean everyone.

Prevention is better than Cure13 Jun 2016

Familiarity is the pitfall of every relationship.

G-spot08 Jan 2016

Searching for Gold

Have you ever wondered if you could ever really fulfil the needs of your girlfriend in bed? Have you been looking for her G-spot and were unsuccessful? Well, welcome to the club.

Driving Home for Christmas M1 Style26 Dec 2014

We had been with our friends, another couple like us for a pre-Christmas shopping expedition in Manchester and were heading home to Romford.

The Maidenhead18 Aug 2014

My Daughter decided she'd like to bring a girlfriend home from Uni to spend the summer with us, we are lucky enough to live in a decent sized property with pool and tennis court. This friend a Thai girl called Pim was going to be holed up all summer in a shared flat in Cricklewood.

Stand and Deliver08 Aug 2014

I tripped out of Annabels at around 3am, still no sign of Mel. I was fuming whilst I wasn't hammered and knew my surroundings I wasn't happy to be left alone at such an hour. I knew the dangers of unlicensed cabs and black cabs were expensive.

The Music Teacher – Lesson One02 Jul 2014

I have been teaching piano in the Watford area, usually to pampered and bored children who really have no interest. So imagine my surprise when my new student turned out to be a 23 year old hunk called Brett who was back living with parents after the required uni stint.

My Sweet Dreams with Peter31 Jul 2013

Karina had the same dream every night. It was a dream that always made her wake up wet between her legs. Although in real life she was a shy and quiet girl, in her dreams Karina was confident and dominating. Sometimes when she got home from work she would go straight to bed so that she could escape to her dreams and the girl she really wanted to be.

Greatness Found Under the Sheets25 Mar 2013

They say that if it's good, it's good. And when your escorts say that it is, then it means you've done great in bed. But just because you're good doesn't mean you have to stop there. Being great requires more than just a couple of strokes and pokes, and sometimes, all it takes is to listen to what your partner wants.

Submissive Escorts20 Feb 2013

I'm sure every man dreams of having a beautiful woman who will obey his every command and cater to his every desire. Well this no longer has to be a fantasy as there are lots of stunning submissive escorts all waiting to come and answer to their master. By becoming the male dominant you have complete control over the situation and instruct the lady to do everything that he wishes.

Sexy Sexual Situations03 Feb 2013

How many crazy places can you list off the top of your head where you want to, have done so before, or are dying to get naughty in? Probably a lot, and although you may have a never-ending list already created, it wouldn't hurt to add a few more places right? Here are some must-try places to get down and dirty.

Tips for Smaller Members 16 Jan 2013

You've heard it all before, "It's not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean," And although this is very true, it also means that little guys have a little bit of extra work to do in the bedroom. It is imperative that you understand that sex isn't only about penetration. There is so much to explore on one's body and so many ways to do so.

Escorts in Your Work Place17 Dec 2012

Working long hours can be very stressful and sometimes by the time you get home in the evening all you have time to do is grab something to eat and go to bed. Do you ever sit at your desk trying to finish a report but secretly fantasize about having a beautiful Chelsea escort under your desk working her magic? Well you can! You can have a lady visit you at your office and turn these fantasies into reality.

Finger with Fingers12 Dec 2012

Minisha had never made herself cum before with just her fingers. It was always with her toys. She loved using her vibrators, dildos and anal beads on a daily basis to send herself into a back-arching, trembling, toe-curling orgasm. It only ever took her 30 seconds to get herself off with her toys, and Minisha was a pro at making herself cum time and time again.