Finger load26 Mar 2014

Melissa began to explore her body through masturbation at a later age than most. She was only 19 when she started to masturbate, and on one occasion, she discovered the incredible things that her clit, pussy and asshole can do for her.

Regular comes Back24 Mar 2014

Shelley met with a man for the last time last week. He had been in town for a couple of months and had become her regular, but he was heading back to his main office to continue his regular life back home. This was nothing for Shelley. She had clients come and go, and this was just another reference in her book. However, a week after their quick goodbye and even quicker fuck, Shelley began to crave him intensively.

Jenney Discovered She was a Bad Girl21 Mar 2014

Jenny feels like she was always a reserved individual when it came to her sexuality, and it was only when she was 18 that she started to feel a bit more relaxed about her sexual desires, fetishes and fantasies. She didn't start masturbating until she was past the age of 19, and even then, it was never a regular thing. She blames her upbringing on this.

He Just Wanted a Taste17 Mar 2014

Kelly had an odd request, and it was to actually meet the boss at his condo. Typically, the boss never screws his girls but sometimes the man needs some pleasure for himself, right? As she arrived at his condo, he buzzed her in and she rode the elevator up to his penthouse suite. The television was on and it looked like she had arrived at a bad time, despite her being right on the dot.

Finger with Fingers12 Dec 2012

Minisha had never made herself cum before with just her fingers. It was always with her toys. She loved using her vibrators, dildos and anal beads on a daily basis to send herself into a back-arching, trembling, toe-curling orgasm. It only ever took her 30 seconds to get herself off with her toys, and Minisha was a pro at making herself cum time and time again.

Sex on The Beach26 Nov 2012

Candy had been having a fabulous holiday, but felt sad that it would soon be coming to an end. Her friend Ally had bought tickets to a party on the beach for their last night and Candy decided that she was going to go all out , have a great time and take home some holiday memories to remember!

Mile High Club25 Nov 2012

Selena had always wanted to join the mile high club. It had been a long time fantasy of hers for years and now she was determined to make that fantasy a reality! She had booked two return tickets to Paris with her work bonus for herself and Andy, the guy that she had been seeing and now there she was, all strapped in and ready to go!

Fresh and New11 Nov 2012

Kylie was a brand new, fresh to the game, young escort. She had never done the work before but she absolutely loved sex and she was exactly the type of escort that Dave liked to see. Kylie felt a little nervous on the journey there, as it was her first night and her first job, but Dave had been extremely pleasant on the phone and reassured her that once she got there, she would have a great time and all her worries would just melt away.

Luna Loves Virgins16 Jul 2012

One afternoon, Luna received a phone call from her best friend. As per usual, it was about a guy. Her friend had this male friend who was eager to lose his virginity. It may sound unusual to you, but Luna always had her friends sending potential new dates her way.